Will you drop by to inspire, inform or learn something yourself? This is a list of all the planned activities of Buro Brunssum

Buro Brunssum, at 3, Kerkstraat is a place where you are welcome without an appointment to share your ideas. And you never know, maybe your ideas become reality and result in a flourishing partnership! And to make this happen, we need everyone in Brunssum. Together with you, entrepreneurs and other partners, we will shape Buro Brunssum ‘by trial and error’ in the coming months!

There is so much going on at Buro Brunssum 

Organising activities is a core task. All the activities organised by Buro Brunssum fall in the following 3 categories: inform, inspire and learn. 


At Buro Brunssum, you are welcome from Tuesday to Thursday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. if you are looking for more information regarding Our New City Centre and related developments. You can also find information here about activities and initiatives of OnsBrunssum


Buro Brunssum is a hotbed for new services & initiatives, that are often initiated by OnsBrunssum. Not only will you be informed but also encouraged to take action and/or create visible initiatives that can be realised in and for Brunssum. In this way we put Brunssum on the map together!


In addition, Buro Brunssum is also a place for learning by organising workshops/events that meet the demands of the entrepreneurs (and future entrepreneurs) of Brunssum. Themes like development of the city centre, city centre management and experience in the centre are focal points here.

How does it work? 

There will be public activities and private activities. They are all listed at the bottom of this page. It also mentions whether you need to register and if so, in which way.

Interested in organising something? 

If you have any ideas for organising something at Buro Brunssum, please share them with us by sending an email to buro@brunssum.nl. You can also drop us a visit at 3, Kerkstraat and we will make it happen.

Find here a complete overview of all the planned activities at Buro Brunssum.