Tasteful welcome to Silmo: the new fusion restaurant in Brunssum.

Wow! Welcome to Silmo: the new fusion restaurant in Brunssum. As soon as you walk in the door, you feel it: this is unique! From the dishes on the menu to the eccentric interior... Silmo is the new culinary and tastefully decorated hotspot of South Limburg. Am I actually still in Brunssum?

Silmo focuses on affordable and delicious food. The cuisine is fusion: that means Asian-Western dishes. You can opt for à la carte, but also for an all-in price where all dishes can be ordered unlimited (without time limit!).

Meet Qin Yang Feng and Oliver Quo 

The entrepreneurs of the new location in Brunssum are Qin Yang Feng and Oliver Quo. Qin Yang Feng was born in 1970 and has worked in the catering industry from an early age. He now has more than 25 years of catering experience. Qin already has a successful restaurant to his name called 'Restaurant Mido' in Zeist. He is also a shareholder of fusion restaurant 'La Maison'. The concept of this restaurant is the same concept that is now being introduced to Limburgers under the name Silmo!

Oliver Quo was born in 1992, born in China and an entrepreneur and scholar in the field of art and culture. Oliver is creative and already has several positions as co-founder and business director of 'Yishe Shanzhai Design Studio' and 'Chongqing Hanfang Decoration' on his CV. In 2019, Oliver moved to the Netherlands and did the accelerated Art and Culture course at Maastricht University. In 2020 he met his partner Qin where they decided to start the Asian fusion restaurant concept 'Silmo' in 2023/2024. And here we are, in Brunssum!

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Love for the region 

Why settle in Brunssum with such a fresh and unique concept, you may wonder? It is clear to Oliver Quo and Qin: the international character of Brunssum brings many possibilities and opportunities. “We really enjoy this region: the culture, the international character and the dynamic, close-knit community.” With the catering skills of Qin Yang Feng and the creative mind of Oliver, which is reflected in the interior, Silmo is a considerable asset to Brunssum. Let yourself be pampered!

A fun Silmo fact and tip from Oliver Quo and Qin: 

The restaurant is personally designed and about 90% of the interior, such as chairs, bar, tables, wall construction, etc., are handmade!

And as a tip we give: pay attention to our cocktail menu! There you will find a good selection of classic cocktails and various Gin & Tonincs. Who doesn't love a good drink?!

Restaurant Silmo in Brunssum is open from Monday to Sunday from 4:00 PM - 10:30 PM. Reservations and more information can be found on the Restaurant Silmo website: https://restaurantsilmo.nl/.

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Foto's door: Bernice Israel