Barefoot Park Brunssum – go on an adventure without shoes at BloteVoetenPark!

Barefoot Park, or as we say in Dutch, Blotevoetenpad in Brunssum: by far one of the favourite things to do in the holiday. Are you up for a challenge without shoes? Read our 3 tips to enjoy yourself to the max!

Between the lush trees of the Schutterspark you find Barefoot Park Brunssum. Just follow the signs with “BloteVoetenPark” and you will experience nature from top to toe. Literally! And anyone who says that barefoot paths are just for children is quite wrong. Parents and even grandparents enjoy themselves just as much. So, take off your shoes and socks and dive right in! 

3 must do's in Barefoot park Brunssum

A visit to the Brunssum Barefoot Park is much more than a simple barefoot walk in the park. Learn, enjoy and have fun. The following 3 tips will bring a smile to your face, no doubt about that.  

1. Obstacles, oh yes!

The 4 km path has lots of obstacles you may want to try. Prickly path, Potter pool, Obelix path, the Labyrinth, Endless circle and the Stilts path. You read correctly, may. Don’t feel obliged. If you don’t want to, you can always walk past it. That is what makes this trip so perfect for all ages and not only in summer! A little rain shower makes the mud so nice and…. muddy. Don’t forget to ask for a heart when you are at the entrance. You can leave a sweet message on your heart when you are in lover’s lane. Cute! You can get inspiration from the hundreds of other messages left behind by other barefoot visitors.  

By the way, do you know which tree resonates with your character? Find out all about it when you come to the Celtic tree horoscope, not far into the route.

2. Pie and other treats

Climbing, clambering, jumping and walking gives you an appetite. For sure! At Barefoot Park Brunssum they have the perfect solution. A cosy (outdoor) café at the Barefoot Hut where you can order drinks and snacks. Good to know, this brasserie is also open to people not visiting the Barefoot Park, so you can go there anytime! There is also plenty of space for the little ones to play. Tip: don’t forget to bring a towel to dry off your feet afterwards. 











By the way, did you know that the Barefoot Hut is adorned with art from a local artist? Illustrator Gina Derks has created a not to be missed spectacle of colours and patterns. Great background for a selfie!

3. Not yet bye-bye but hello ice bath, moon walk or workshop

Never a dull moment at Barefoot Park Brunssum. Next to the adventurous barefoot expedition and the mud pools (did you like them?), followed by a snack in the Brasserie, there is more adventure waiting for you. How about experiencing the mystery of a full moon with your own eyes, or a plunge in an ice bath, supervised by a certified Wim Hof coach? Check out the latest activity schedule before you leave home. Or better still, come back another time for new adventures