Three things you didn’t know you could do at the Library Brunssum

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the library Brunssum, is ‘bookworm’. Sure enough, plenty of books to borrow. But there is more! What about 3 other options you didn’t know about.

Library Brunssum extended

Early 2022, the Library Brunssum merged with the Library Kerkrade and surrounding areas. Great, because with all the knowledge combined there is more to offer. Every chance you find that particular book in no time. You can also do a preliminary search online in the selection of books at Library Brunssum. Not quite the same as an actual visit with the fresh smell of books, but convenient by all means. There is also a wider variety now to choose from when it comes to activities and programmes. So much more than the traditional borrowing of books only. Like! 

Three things you can do at Library Brunssum, besides borrowing books

Let’s highlight three things that will make a visit to Library Brunssum worth your while. But hey, do find out for yourself! Or talk to your friend(s) or neighbour(s). 

1. Language House Brunssum

This is a weekly activity to help you with your Dutch language skills. You’re not the only one that finds reading and writing in Dutch rather difficult! The language house is easily accessible, welcomes everyone and is free.  

2. Information Desk eGovernment

Did you know that the library in Brunssum also has an information desk eGovernment? They will help you with whatever questions you may have about the digital government. In case they are not able to help, they will redirect you to someone who can. 

3. Babbling Baby Café

From time to time, the library hosts the baby café. Quality-time to cuddle and play with your little one and learn something along the way. Great! How to bond with your baby, for example, or what to make of your baby’s gestures, but also how to make music together. For babies 6 months and older.

Pssst… nice to know: we have quite some mini-libraries in Brunssum, right in people’s front garden. Perhaps you’ve already spotted the cheerful little houses. They are also an option for you to borrow a book. Have a look one day, maybe on your way home with your little one, after visiting the baby café.