Photo challenge – will your ‘typically Brunssum’ snapshot figure on a postcard?

Photography fanatics and eager beavers of Brunssum, attention please! Give free rein to your creativity and capture the absolute gems of Brunssum on camera! Whether you are an amateur photographer, quick as lightning, or a seasoned professional, this is your chance to immortalize our beloved town in a unique way.

You can choose the traditional images that have characterized Brunssum for ages, or you can opt for innovative shots of iconic moments, whatever takes your fancy. So, delve into your photo archive for that one typical moment of Brunssum, or be inspired by the hidden gems our town has to offer.

Get your camera and start exploring our picture perfect town! Share your vision of Brunssum with us and show us what makes this place so special to you.

Photo contest? What does that mean?

Taking great pictures of Brunssum is just the beginning. What happens next with your masterpiece?

Imagine this: your snapshot will figure on a postcard shortly, because the five best entries will be published as an exclusive set, available at several locations in Brunssum. That means you can surprise your loved ones with a unique postcard, perfect for on your notice board or framed!

But that is not all. The winner gets the chance to exhibit his or her photo during an exhibition in Buro Brunssum. After the exhibition, the winner gets to take the photograph home. He or she will also be interviewed about the photo, to share the story behind it. So, what are you waiting for? Submit your photo and you may become the next famous photographer of Brunssum!



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What is the closing date?

You can enter photos from 1 June until 1 August 2024. A panel of enthusiastic people of Brunssum will then select the 5 winning photographs.

How is the winner selected?

The winner is determined by an expert panel of enthusiastic people of Brunssum ánd by the general public. The 5 pictures with the most votes will win and will be published as postcards that will be available for free at various spots in Brunssum. They will also be exhibited during an exposition in Buro Brunssum.

We will also monitor compliance with the rules for the contest. This applies to all photographs submitted.

Read the rules for the contest here:

The rules in a nutshell:

Guidelines for the photo:

  • The photo may in no way be offensive;
  • The photo must be made by you;
  • People in the photograph must have given permission to be photographed;
  • No children under the age of 18 may be in the photo;
  • No names or copyright may be visible in the photo.

How are the winners selected?

  • Assessing all the photos submitted will be done by an expert panel of enthusiastic people of Brunssum and a public jury, in which both juries have a 50% stake in selecting the winners;
  • Members of the expert panel can award 12 points, 10 points, 8 points, 7 points, 6 points, 5 points, 4 points, 3 points, 2 points and 1 point to their ten favourite photos. Each member has a total of 58 points to award, bringing the total number of points of the five members together to 290 points. The public jury works in a similar way, but times 5, since the expert panel consists of 5 members (12 points * 5 = 60 points).  The five photos with the most points overall will win and will be published as postcards. In case of a draw, the step below will be deleted (e.g. 40 points) and the step above (e.g. 50 points) will apply to arrive at 5 winning photographs;
  • Team Citybranding and the Editor Social Media will ensure a fair voting process.


  • The moment a person in the photo is recognizable, permission must have been given to be photographed;
  • By submitting your photo you grant permission to the municipality of Brunssum to use it for a postcard and all rights of the photo submitted will go to the municipality of Brunssum, even if your photo is not selected as a winner;
  • The postcards will mention the name of the photographer.

Read the rules of the contest

For questions, remarks and/or complaints about the photo contest, please send an email to: The editorial staff will reply to your email as soon as possible.

Have fun with the competition! 

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