From golfing to enjoying food & drinks, hotel rooms and meeting events: Make your move at Golf resort Brunssummerheide in Brunssum

When you are looking for a great golfing experience in the heart of Limburg, look no further than Golf resort Brunssummerheide. This hidden gem of a golf course offers everything you need to make your golfing heart beat faster.

The golf course itself is a lush green carpet encompassing 45 holes. For each level of golf player there are plenty of options with as many elements of excitement. 

Golf course Brunssum ‘cast-iron’

27-holes Champions Course

The Champions Course is a class of its own. With its 27 holes this course offers a diversity you seldom find in the Netherlands. Each hole is different, with surprising landscapes and challenging differences in height. While making your way through the course, dense areas of pine trees alternate with open spaces, sparkling streams and ponds and elevated tee-offs. A unique experience you will not easily find elsewhere.

9-holes Compact Course for beginners

The 9-holes Compact Course offers the novice golfer with ‘course permission’ plenty of challenges. The 9-holes par-3 practice course is very suited for the beginning golfer, but also for golf clinics and company events. 

18-holes Compact Course foot golf

Foot golf is a mixture of soccer, golf and midget golf. You play by using your feet, manoeuvring the ball under, through and around the various obstacles towards the hole in as few kicks as possible. According to international Foot golf rules, you can play 18 holes on the Compact Course. Very enjoyable as a group activity, for instance as an outing with family, friends, soccer team and colleagues. 

Golf resort Brunssummerheide

Besides the sport, golf is also about people and socializing. Golf resort Brunssummerheide is well-known for its friendly members and lively community. Whether you are a seasoned pro or totally new to holding a golf club, you will find yourself at home right away. The resort organizes plenty of nice events and competitions. Interested in a membership? Check out all the information about Golf Resort Brunssummerheide.

Private & group lessons at the Golf school

Totally new to golf? Or somewhat experienced but looking to improve your golf swing? Golf resort Brunssum is the place to go. The professional golf teachers are there to teach you every trick in the book to enhance your game. Whether it is your grip, drive or putting technique, they have the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed.

Relax and enjoy the view

After exerting yourself on the golf course, there is nothing better than relaxing and enjoying the amenities of this golf resort. Enjoying the wide views over the beautiful surrounding, you can relax on the terrace and relive all the highlights (or lowlights) on the course. It is the perfect spot to relax, to reflect and to toast to a great day of golf.

Culinary pleasures

Worked up an appetite on the course? The restaurant of Golf resort Brunssummerheide welcomes you to indulge your taste buds. The menu boasts chunky burgers, crisp salads and juicy fish, so there is something for everyone. The chefs create culinary masterpieces for you, while you enjoy the view of the course. There are also tailor-made packages, in combination with golf and hotel room for people who have something to celebrate.

Sleep surrounded by nature

Amid the rolling hills of the southern landscape and the unique nature reserve Brunssummerheide, adjacent to the woodlands of Schinveld, the golf hotel is a paradise for people who love golf and pure nature. The area offers excellent walking and cycling opportunities. And now that you are here, why not visit one of the neighbouring cities of Maastricht, Liège or Aachen? Or perhaps a trip to the marlstone town of Valkenburg or one of the picture-perfect little villages? The choice is yours.

Natural meeting events

Did you know that besides golf, food & beverages and hotel rooms, Golf Resort Brunssummerheide also offers everything for meetings & events? Here, you can organize your company meetings, training events, seminars or presentations. The fully equipped meeting rooms are for 4 to 150 people. Ideal if you want to combine your event with a game of golf. And when you opt for the Panorama room, you have excellent views over the golf course. It doesn’t get any better than that!

So, if reading this article got you all ready to play golf in Brunssum, find out about costs by clicking on this link. Other information, like the address and opening hours, can be found on the website. Let’s go golf!