We love an international party

The south of Limburg and also the people who live there are known for their exuberant lifestyle. We know how to party for sure! Eating, drinking and dancing, it’s an important aspect of our southern culture. Brunssum is well known because of its international vibe, going way back into history. What do you get when you mix this typical Brunssum hospitality and our love of festivities? Some great international parties!

World Festival Parade

Every four years, the world dances in Brunssum during the Parade. A weeklong event starring colorful groups of people showing their culture and dance to thousands of people. Daily performances and nightly parties in the spirit of fraternization with other cultures form the heart of this well-known festival of color and fun. 

The Parade finds its origin in 1953. Out of solidarity with the big flood in 1953, Brunssum canceled the yearly celebration of Carnaval. The entire country mourned the loss of many people during this national disaster. Instead, the people of Brunssum organized a ‘summer carnaval’, a big parade with folkloristic dance from all over the world. This was the foundation for a long tradition. The folk based dance festival we know today.

The next edition is in 2021, want to get in the spirit? Check out the 2016 aftermovie.

Host to NATO, home to NATO

In 2017 we celebrated 50 years of NATO in Brunssum. As a proud host to JFC International Headquarters and home to its employees and their families we were thrilled to celebrate this cooperation going back so far. And we went all out. An official ceremony including high honored guests (including Dutch royalty and high ranked NATO officials) and an exciting family day where all Brunssum citizens, Dutch and NATO, could celebrate together. It included food from all over the world, thrilling activities for all ages and music that once again made people from literally all over the world dance in Brunssum. Can’t wait to see the aftermovie? We’ve got you covered.

Foto's: Archief Gemeente Brunssum