Open-air theatre Brunssum: the only open-air theatre with a roof for audience ánd artists!

For years, the magical open-air theatre in Brunssum has been a well-kept secret amid the willows and the water of the idyllic Vijverpark. With a brand-new roof for both the audience ánd the artists and a spectacular programme, this unique spot in Brunssum is totally prepared for the spotlights! Are you in for a surprise? Let’s go!

Unique theatre experience among the trees

In September, the new theatre season has kicked off with a spectacular 4-day opening programme for everyone in Brunssum, the young and the old. The entire season will be brimming with dance, singing, (kids)theatre and films. But your taste buds  can also join in! Our open-air theatre will be a total experience and has it all!

6 reasons to visit open-air theatre Brunssum this year

This sounds like something you don’t want to miss, right? Let’s give you an overview of the programme we have in store for you. We will be pleased to welcome you soon! 

1.  Thrilling theatre (and other events)

A place where local artists and clubs perform.

This region is a source of creativity which is demonstrated by the wide range of shows and performances. Not only by local heroes, but also by (inter)national stars who are looking forward to entertaining their audience. 

These are the shows you don’t want to miss!

2.    Dance with a capital D

A place where the world dances.

From Flamenco to hip-hop, from folklore to dance. From Spain, our own region or a dance around the world during the renowned Parade. Just move those hips!

Discover the dance events that will get you going

Psst… a fun fact from Our Brunssum

Did you know that the open-air theatre in Brunssum is the only open-air theatre with a fixed roof over the seating area for the audience as well as the stage where the artists perform? Great for when it’s raining, but equally nice when the sun is burning; a sheltered spot in all weather conditions.

3.    Magical music from all corners

A place where blues, jazz and rock & roll come to live.

No need to travel far to hear music from all corners of the world. Brunssum has it all! From classic to pop, from the blues or jazz to rock & roll. Proud to present  The Rolling Beatles, Phil Bee Trio or Guido’s Orchestra and so much more. It will be an evening you’ll never forget. Promise! 

4.    Happy as a kid

A place where children’s dreams come true.

Theatre is for all ages, even for the youngest ones. So, isn’t it just great that they can help shape the show by Puk and Pien? Or perhaps your children love listening to stories, which is often scheduled on Wednesday afternoon, often without charge. There are also regular shows on Saturdays. Have a look if there is anything to your liking and bring your kids and enjoy! 
Bring a smile to your (kid’s) face and find a show

Psst… another fun fact from Our Brunssum: 

Did you know that the roof of our open-air theatre holds no fewer than 14 quotes from theatre legends? Just look up. Have you found and read them all?

5.    Film and food

A place where your taste buds are part of the experience.

Evenings revolving around a specific country; like a Greek night where you can enjoy Greek delicacies on your plate while watching the happy and romantic film Mama Mia.

Keep an eye on the events calendar and be the first to order tickets

6.    A jewel in the park

A place with a rich history full of splendour and beautifully sheltered

Even if the range of activities hasn’t convinced you yet (which, quite frankly, is hard to imagine) you can also just come and have a look. The setting in the idyllic Vijverpark, the atmosphere in this fantastic green oasis is so unique and magical, it beggars description. You need to see and experience for yourself!

Psst… a last fun fact from Our Brunssum

Did you know that the open-air theatre Brunssum is also a wedding location? The intimate setting amidst the trees adds that little bit extra to your special day. Treat yourself, why not!

Ordering tickets 

Do not wait till the very last moment to order a ticket for your favourite show, because full is full. Ordering tickets is easy and safe online through Tickli. 

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