Sight-seeing South Limburg | 3 ‘must sees’ in Brunssum

Sight-seeing in South Limburg is like pie and whipped cream, the one cannot go without the other. South Limburg has lots of places worth visiting, but we will talk about a few hidden gems you might not yet know about. And for that we start in Brunssum and surroundings. Were you familiar with any of the following three?

Sight-seeing in South Limburg 

Holidays in your home country are popular as never before and South Limburg is on many people’s bucket list, and for good reason. The landscape, local culture, cuisine and the people are this province’s main attractions. We, as locals, understand that better than anyone! Which is why we went out of our way to suggest some sights you might not know yet. Here they come:

Three treasures worth putting on your Limburg bucket list

We focus on three gems and give you some insider tips along the way. Will you be visiting any one of these sights in this area soon? Feel free to tell your friends, parents or colleagues if they are planning a trip to Limburg.

1.    Spiritual Clemens domain 

This white pearl stands like a proud peacock on the horizon. A place where a rich past comes to live. Clemens domain has been elected most spiritual place in the Netherlands, and for a reason. Enough to want to visit it, don’t you agree? What can you expect from a visit to this listed building? There is an idyllic little church, a Lourdes cave and a monument for the late Baron De Negri. Local delicacies can be enjoyed in the Pavilion.

Psst… did you know that they are currently creating a fabulous park around the domain? In this greener than green Clemens park – intersected by the well-known Beekdaelenroute for cyclists and hikers – you will feel part of its history.  It will be ready at the end of August 2022 so make a note in your diary!  



2.    Magical Mural

Totally urban are the magical murals that draw your attention like nothing else. In Brunssum Noord, at the Henry Dunant street, you find the impressive portrait of a miner. A real gem in black and white, made by artist Hendrik Beikrich. No small fry this mural, since it is as tall as 36 meters high and 13 meters wide. You cannot miss it! You are bound to see it when driving from Brunssum to Sittard.

Psst… Has this peaked your interest? When you take this hiking trail at Roode Beek you will see another special example. Don’t forget your camera!

brunssum noord

3.    Schutterspark

The oldest family park in Limburg is located in Brunssum, the Schutterspark. A wonderful place to walk and enjoy the woods and heath and everything else that mother nature has to offer. Plenty of space, since the park covers nearly 200 acres. And this treasure is 100% kids proof with its many kids attractions. Ranging from an extraordinary children’s farm and a Bare Feet Park, to a playground, model railway and climbing park. It has it all.

Psst… does your heart skip a beat when you think of parks? Then Vijverpark in the centre is a must see, too. Right among the shrubs and trees there you will find the unique Open Air Theatre, with its extraordinary roof. You don’t want to miss that!

To summarize, the three sights mentioned above are – in our view – worthy of a place on your bucket list. Let us know on Facebook or Instagram if you agree! And feel free to share your pics!