Parade Brunssum | a colourful, cultural range of dance, music and fun

Parade Brunssum in a nutshell? A wonderful four-day worldwide journey that immerses you in a cultural explosion of dance, music, rhythm and good vibes. That is what you can expect from World dance festival Parade Brunssum. And moreover, there is no need to leave town. It promises to be a spectacle you do not want to miss. And one that, understandably, requires a lot of preparation. So, let’s take a sneak preview behind the scenes…

Parade foto 1From 30 June to 3 July, Brunssum is transformed into a multicultural hot-spot. Adding, literally, lots of colour to the streets and the Vijverpark. Dance performances, workshops, finger food tasting at the Food Market, in combination with a genuine culture fair and, of course, the well-known grand parade itself. Those are the ingredients that will make these four days into a success. All the 300 volunteers, the committee, de participating dance groups from 12 countries, the Municipality of Brunssum and approximately 55,000 visitors have just one goal: get this party going and celebrate together. The entire organisation is made possible by the permanent team in charge, 100% committed. We talked to Parade chairman Ron Kamerman.

Yes we can (discover) again

Ron is over the moon. “I am absolutely delighted!”, says the chairman enthusiastically. “After 2 postponed editions due to Covid-19, I’m very pleased that everything can go ahead. The theme of the World dance festival Parade Brunssum is Re: discover the Dance and the theme is chosen for a reason. Let us experience together once again how it’s supposed to be. At the same time, it also offers a new and surprising outlook on folklore and modern dance.” For quite a while, it remained uncertain whether or not the multicultural festival was allowed to take place. Ron continues: “Behind the scenes, we did start preparations (in spite of Covid-19 and to the best of our abilities, but the green light wasn’t given until April. Fortunately and partly due to a great partnership with the Municipality of Brunssum, we were able to make a flying start.” 

Without volunteers no Parade Brunssum

Tense months, also for the 300 volunteers who are now looking forward to a busy and exciting period. Fine-tuning and coordination is of the essence, especially in light of security which will get more attention this year. “The closer we get to the date, the more frequently we meet”, says Ron. He wants to put the volunteers in the spotlight for once. “Without them, nothing at all would be achieved. It’s not just their helping hands, but also their enthusiasm. They really put their heart and soul into it to make it a success. Let’s not forget that!” 

12 countries in the mixParade foto 2

In this edition of World dance festival Parade Brunssum, you can visit 12 countries: Italy, Northern-Ireland, Servia, Israel, Slovakia, Georgia, Chili (Easter Island), Kenya, Ecuador, Ukraine, Slovenia and Colombia. With all the other dance and music groups they will be part of the grand parade that will adorn the streets of Brunssum. But that is not all that is scheduled for this year’s dazzling edition. There is a whole range of activities around these groups, from spectacular dance acts, workshops and food trucks to parties and festivities that will bring people together to fraternize.

Fraternization first of all

A key element this year, in the eyes of the chairman. Ron concludes: “One of the things I noticed during the corona pandemic, is that we don’t seem to listen anymore. We stand opposite each other, instead of next to each other. Of course, you don’t have to agree at all times, but please, accept someone else’s opinion. Go and talk to someone. Connect. We have more in common than we think. Let’s embrace that during the World dance festival Parade Brunssum and let’s enjoy the atmosphere, the rhythm and the culture. Let’s celebrate friendship and connection, together. Will I see you there?”

Tickets can be ordered here. Have fun and enjoy!