Hey you! Welcome to Buro Brunssum!

Hey Brunssum! Will you come and visit us at Buro Brunssum?
Brunssum is a place where everyone can feel at home. And that is why we thought, what is always part of a home? That is right, a central spot where you can meet and engage with others. A place where you can go to for information, for inspiration and/or to learn. And yeah, it is also home to Our Brunssum and Our New Centre.

Buro Brunssum, where excitement is key

wtk BUB logo met pay-offBuro Brunssum, therefore, is our home base. A place where you feel encouraged to spill your ideas. It is a place where ideas are put into action, where cooperation bears fruit. Together with you, entrepreneurs and other partners, we will shape Buro Brunssum ‘by trial and error’ in the coming months.

Its basis? At Buro Brunssum it is all about curiosity, sharing ideas and learning from each other. For example, here you can show others your dreams and ideas for the centre of Brunssum. Or, you can find inspiration and gain knowledge to improve your business. And if you have best practices to share, others can benefit from your knowledge and experience. If you are looking for more information about all the plans waiting to be implemented in Brunssum, then Buro Brunssum is also the place to be.

What are the first steps?

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. you are welcome to drop by. In addition, there will be regular events. A one-off event or recurring events. For example a workshop ‘How to start a business (in Brunssum)’, a ‘pizza session’ focussing on  sustainable living in Brunssum, an ‘urban safari’ in which we will explore Our New Centre under construction, inspiring lectures, an entrepreneurs breakfast or an evening where inhabitants of Brunssum talk about their initiatives for Brunssum. Any other ideas? Please let us know. There is always room for more.

Interested in what’s coming? All activities are listed here!

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By the way, did you know that there is also a guarded bicycle parking in Buro Brunssum? In a 6-months pilot we are currently testing if there is a need for this and if it deserves a permanent spot. More details can be found here

And finally, what can you expect in any case?

The one thing you can always count on at Buro Brunssum, is an enthusiastic and supportive team, that is always excited to listen to your story. And it goes without saying that great, productive conversations are hugely helped by delicious coffee.

So, please come and visit us at Buro Brunssum and let your story become part of our Brunssum. You are most welcome!

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